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Re: Problem with compiling

Please take a look at

There you will find helpful tips about how to compose a good problem
report, along with a list of the required information about your
environment that you need to attach.

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Matt Junkemail wrote:

> I can't seem to get gcc to compile my simple file.
> [I am new at cygwin and gcc, being a Windows and
> Visual C++ refugee. Forgive my ignorance.]
> I did the web install of Cygwin and picked out all the
> developer packages.  I have gcc.exe in /bin.
> I also have mingw installed.
I don't exactly know what you meant by this.  But, if all you want to do
is compile for mingw, then use "gcc/g++/etc. -mno-cygwin" with the
corresponding gcc-mingw[-*] Cygwin packages installed.

> When I try to compile a simple hello.cpp within the
> /bin directory with:
> gcc -c hello.cpp
I would recommend using g++ for .cpp files, but gcc should work too.

> I get the following error:
> gcc: installation problem, cannot exec 'cc1plus': No
> such file or directory
> If I search for cc1plus*, I find two exe's in
> ./lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-mingw32/3.3.1
> ./use/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-mingw32/3.3.1
These are the same.  See:

> I am assuming that I don't have the path variable set
> correctly?

You are probably missing the non-mingw (ie. Cygwin) gcc packages.
Including the information requested in the problem report URL above would
confirm that.

Try using the Cygwin setup program again, and make sure you have
everythig applicable in the following selected:

gcc                     3.3.1-3            OK
gcc-ada                 3.3.1-3            OK
gcc-g++                 3.3.1-3            OK
gcc-g77                 3.3.1-3            OK
gcc-gpc                 3.3.1-3            OK
gcc-java                3.3.1-3            OK
gcc-mingw               20030911-4         OK
gcc-mingw-ada           20031020-1         OK
gcc-mingw-core          20031020-1         OK
gcc-mingw-g++           20031020-1         OK
gcc-mingw-g77           20031020-1         OK
gcc-mingw-gpc           20031020-1         OK
gcc-mingw-java          20031020-1         OK
gcc-mingw-objc          20031020-1         OK
gcc-objc                3.3.1-3            OK

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VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
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