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Re: lack of libgen.h in Cygwin (dirname+basename). Solved?

Hallo Luis,

Am Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2003 um 14:38 schriebst du:

> Hi,

> I just followed some threads here and understood the code exists
> already and would be included in version 1.5.x, the question being
> where to place it (libgen.h ...). Then the thread is broken, and
> other higher priority tasks probably came into the way... (this is
> not a complain ...)  

> So, this is addressed to the developers: I would be happy to get a
> workaround (that is something like dirname.c, basename.c, I could
> link to the public domain code I need to compile).  I would be very
> grateful if I could get those, while some more robust solution is
> being worked out. 

Just a workaround, but there are full versions of basename and

> I understand that the developers of the code (BHP_SU_V5.0),
> would probably
> be happy to extend  support to Cygwin (only IRIX, Linux, Solaris,
> for the moment), and I could help on that.


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