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Re: ssmtp -t alters To: header of outgoing mail

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Thanks for the patch.  I'm sorry but it's not quite clear to me what
> the second part of the patch is doing?  Could you give a short explanation
> why it returns at that point if sawSomething is 0?

As the line is traversed, sawSomething gets 0 at every comma and 1 at
every other non-space.  At the point you mention, the end of the line has
been reached and the remainder of the function records the address since
the last comma.  But if sawSomething==0 (i.e., the comma ended the line)
that address would be ""; including that as a recipient has undesired
consequences, so the patch causes a return instead.

> Oh, btw., Chris is right.  It would be nice if you could adhere to
> the formatting rules of the surrounding source.

Thank you both for alerting me to this, I will pay more attention to it in
the future.

> Are you interested in maintaining that new version?  It seems to
> address the multiple recipient problem already, AFAICT.  It would
> probably just need a Makefile tweak and the small patch from Enoch Wu,
> which allows to send to a server listening on other ports than 25.

I would be happy to, but be aware that it will almost certainly be a
couple of weeks before I look at it---so if anyone else wants at it, I
encourage them.


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