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RE: Setup hangs in postinstall

(Sorry I've not quoted people, I've lost track of who wrote
what...  also, I re-arranged the email slightly.)

>>>> process hangs on two postinstall scripts;

base-files-mketc does use uname,


base-files-profile does not...

>>>> I then try to run the scripts manually and they still hang.
>>>> I have run them with sh -x to see where they're getting
>>>> stuck and I have found that it is any time they try to assign a
>>>> to the output of a command i.e.: OSNAME="`/bin/uname -s`"
>>>> I can reproduce the problem with just that line on from a bash or sh
>>>> shell prompt. I have also tried to strace this command, but I get no
>>>> output at all. Setting variables to a simple string works fine.
>>>> What is interesting is that the problem happens on both my laptop and
>>>> the clients workstation, but not my co-workers laptop. They are all
>>>> running XP SP1. I also can not reproduce the problem on another laptop
>>>> that is running Windows 2000 SP4. There are a few less minor

I'm sorry, I don't have a copy of XP to try this with, but it would
appear to be a bug in uname (since it gives no output from the commandline)

Does it uname hang or just return empty?  Is there any error codes?  Try:

/bin/uname -a ; echo $?

Also, could you *attach* (uncompressed) the output of:

/bin/cygcheck -svr > cygcheck.out



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