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Re: Invalid program file name, pif file

At 09:18 PM 12/6/2003, you wrote:
>I have already read over the FAQ, userguide, problems page, and searched the 
>archives multiple times, and did not see anything that would help me for this 
>problem. I am sorry for sending emails about this, but I cannot see anywhere 
>else to find help. Yes, maybe I could go to other places, but I would think 
>this would be the best place to find help. 

I'm not suggesting you "go other places" for help.  I'm suggesting that
your questions aren't very "informed" and that there are resources at 
the Cygwin site that would help add some information for your benefit
and that of the list when you consult it.  I'm glad you did think of 
looking around some before consulting the list.  We encourage that.  But
when you do consult the list, you should fill us all in on the details 
of what you did, what the problem is, what you tried, and the places 
you've looked for help.  That helps limit the back-and-forth of low
content messages.  In particular, <> 
asks that all inquiries to this list *attach* the output of 
'cygcheck -srv', which is a good part of the reason that I directed 
you to this page in response to your first message.

>Now, as the command you suggested, 
>does not exist.
>bash-2.05b$ cygcheck -srv
>bash: cygcheck: command not found

OK, so you have a path problem.  Let's do this then.  

cd /bin; cygcheck -srv

Attach the output of this and send it to the list.

>I have been looking over the FAQ and userguide ever since I got this problem, 
>and I still am.

Good. :-)

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