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RE: Where are mount points stored?

No.  For one (1) I don't want to be ignorant and want to learn how
things work.  Secondly (2) this helps me find diagnose and isolate
problems.  I found weird behavior with Japanese Windows XP Home, where a
mount point is being auto-created.  This would help me diagnose exactly
when this is happening.  I could do a reg query between operations.

  - Joaquin

> The
> main question is (seriously): why
> do you care?  If it's simply to satisfy your curiousity, the
> mounts are stored (for the moment) in registry keys, as you
> could have found out by reading the Cygwin sources (namely
> winsup/cygwin/  However, when people find this out
> they usually start wanting to go into the registry and change
> the mounts there, and that's unacceptable[*].  So, here's a
> big DISCLAIMER: do not attempt to change the mounts via
> regedit or other registry editing software. Always use
> "mount" to change your mounts.  That way, you won't be
> blindsided when mounts do move to /etc/fstab or something.
> 	Igor
> [*] The only legitimate use of the registry mount knowledge
> that I can think of is checking whether there are user mounts
> for the SYSTEM user (there shouldn't be).
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