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Re: Problem VnC + SSh + Putty + Port Forwarding

At 10:56 AM 12/4/2003, djpeg\@libero\.it you wrote:

>>  From the little information you've provided, what you're doing sounds fine.
>> Like you, I know this works.  I use Cygwin's ssh/sshd and it's port-
>> forwarding with VNC (Tight and "normal") all the time and it works fine
>> (I'm using it now to type this on my machine at home while I'm at work).
>> I don't use putty though.  However, the cause of your problem is not obvious. 
>> You'll need to debug it further.  Sorry.
>I don't know what can i do! My openssh work well, and the putty too. I dont' understand why with some router and pc i can do a tunnel! With other host i have this problem!
>Anyone can help me?

Well, you could look at <> and follow the 
problem reporting advice there.  You could review all the discussions about
services running under 2003 Server in the email archives.  You might try 
pulling putty out of the equation (and anything else you can think of) in
a "divide and conquer" approach.


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