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Re: about xfig and ghoscript

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Nathalie Henrich wrote:

> Dear Igor,
> I followed your discussion with Nevine  on the cygwin mailing list,
> about "ghostscript on Windows and cygwin path
> style" . I had exactly the same problem as Nevine, and your answers were
> very helpful. First of all, I wanted to thank you for your kind help in
> solving such problems.
> I do not know how to use the cygwin mailing list, so I decided to write
> you directly.


There's nothing magic about using the Cygwin mailing list -- you simply
send e-mail to <cygwin at cygwin dot com>.  You can either subscribe to
the list to get a reply from there, request a Cc: on replies (or set
Reply-To:), or monitor the list archives (on the web, or on if
you prefer NetNews).

It's a good idea to keep Cygwin-related discussions on the mailing list,
as this a) gives you access to much more expertise than any one person can
provide, and b) saves your problem and the proposed solutions in the
archives, so others can get at them without having to reinvent the wheel.

I've set the Reply-To: to point to the Cygwin list, and am Cc'ing this
message there.

> I have one problem left, with xfig and ghostscript. Thanks to your
> advices, I manage now to open one figure, but the error occurs as soon
> as I want to open a second image ("Could not open the file
> c:\cygwin\tmp\xfig-pic002044.pix . Error: /invalidfileaccess in
> --.outputpage--) Everytime I try to open a figure, it calls the "gs"
> script and try to open the same tmp pix file.
> Do you have any suggestion to solve this problem ?
> I would like to thank you again very much for your help,
> Nathalie.

Well, the first thing to check is: does the file exist?  Is it readable?
Also, are there filenames embedded in the xfig output files?
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