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Re: ssh hangs

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 11:09:09AM +0000, Ben Anderson wrote:
> Here's from /var/log/sshd/current:
> Dec  2 07:18:37 [sshd] Did not receive identification string from 
>                - Last output repeated 4 times -
> Dec  2 17:22:08 [sshd] Accepted password for root from port 
> 2035 s
> sh2
> The first is my remote attempt to connect via cygwin and the second is a 
> local connection using Knoppix.  I'm running the server on port 80.  Does 
> it then switch to a higher port?  Could this be the problem remotely.  I 
> think I need it to stick with port 80(since it's runing through a proxy).  
> I also checked for /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny, but the don't 
> exist anywhere.

The port number you see is the port number of the client.

Something's pretty wrong with your settings.  Why don't you test 
without the proxy first?  It's way easier to figure out what's
wrong, if you have only the minimal number of processes involved.
Also it would be helpful tu run sshd with -d option to get some
debug output from the server side.

Your first mail also reports about a problem that sshd doesn't accept
version 2 protocol.  That's not very likely, except the key file is
not version 2 or the permissions on the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file
are incorrect.  Also you can't use a RSA1 key with version 2 protocol.

> Advice?

I'd suggest you start from scratch, using the ssh-host-config and
ssh-user-config scripts.  This gives you a basic setup which should
work.  Then you can change the settings to your needs step by step.


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