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Re: Bash wait indefinitely

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On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 12:24:47PM -0800, Antoine Labour wrote:
> Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:
> >Unfortunately, I don't have any system with more than one CPU, so there's 
> >no way I can test it on a system like that and I have not run into any 
> >similar problems on any of the systems I have.. (Cygwin or otherwise).
> >
> >I'm afraid someone else will have to debug this, as I don't see that I can
> >do anything - especially if it's hard to debug, only happens on multi-CPU
> >systems and only with complex Bash scripts..
> If it is the same problem as I am experiencing, it seems to happen on 
> mono-CPU systems as well. Try this simple script :
> #!/bin/bash
> i=0
> while true
> do
>     A=$(basename /bin/sh)
>     i=$(($i+1))
>     echo $i;
> done
OK, I've run the script on my Cygwin machine and it does hang. Attaching with
strace gets me an access violation (trying to read from NULL). Killing strace
doesn't kill bash, which tells me it hadn't really attached yet (AFAIK, 
detaching from a process kills the process in all Windows before XP)

> It is true, it's hard to reproduce, like any other race. But if you have 
> any insight about the threading model for processes, and how pipes are 
> handled, regarding synchronisation, that'd be helpful. I'm new to the 
> code base, and the learning curve is kind of steep (especially without 
> having access to cygwin-dev archive).
Last time I checked, I could download the mbox-format archives from the FTP 

I'm not all that familiar with the Cygwin threading code either, but I'm kinda
familiar with the Bash codebase (since I'm the Cygwin-Bash maintainer 'n all)

Attaching with gdb to the hanged Bash process gives me the attached gdb.out.


BTW: AFAICT this is not a Bash problem: my other Bashes (on Linux)
     are milling happily..

I'm having a tax-deductible experience!  I need an energy crunch!!

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