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Re: ssmtp -t alters To: header of outgoing mail

On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 09:37:34PM +0000, Robert R Schneck wrote:
> > Patches gratefully accepted.  Anybody here wanting to take over ssmtp
> > maintainership?
> A patch is below, I should have included this with my first message.

Thanks for the patch.  I'm sorry but it's not quite clear to me what
the second part of the patch is doing?  Could you give a short explanation
why it returns at that point if sawSomething is 0?

Oh, btw., Chris is right.  It would be nice if you could adhere to
the formatting rules of the surrounding source.

> It occurs to me that this is a bug in ssmtp itself, not just
> the Cygwin port.
> Who to contact about that, or are you, Corinna, also the overall ssmtp
> maintainer?

The README states that ssmtp is maintained by Matt Ryan
(matt PLOP debian SPLAT org).  When searching for more information
I also found that ssmtp has a higher version number (2.60).  The
differences between that ssmtp (See, e. g.,
and our older ssmtp are pretty big.  The source itself is still
very small and it builds OOTB, though.

Are you interested in maintaining that new version?  It seems to
address the multiple recipient problem already, AFAICT.  It would
probably just need a Makefile tweak and the small patch from Enoch Wu,
which allows to send to a server listening on other ports than 25.


> Sometime in the next few months I might find time to fix up a couple of
> other small ssmtp problems.
> Robert

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