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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: keychain-2.0.3-1

Hi All...

I agree with sending multiple patch files in general. I didn't send one for the -e option because it
was such a trivial patch.

I only used .cmd because for totally irrational reasons, I hate the .bat extension. .bat should work as
well for the file. But...I don't know if things would work on win98 anyway...This is only usefull when
you run ssh from a windows command shell, or from a program run from a windows command shell
. In my case, the program is Unison. I run it from a windows command shell because ssh fails when I
launch it from a bash shell. I have not checked into how well ssh runs on win98 the last 2 or 3 used to hang on exiting and the window would not close.

So in short, if there are other applications for this, batpidf and hostname.bat should work fine as far
as keychain is concerned. Unless we hear other interest, I'm not shure it is worth being different
from the upstream source. So I would probably just do the -e patch for the Cygwin ps options.

Launching keychain from a service, I think, is much more generally usefull. This allows the ssh-agent
process to stay alive after the user loggs off. This might be worth including in the Cygwin release, if
nothing else, it shows how easy it is to do. One should always think about the security implications of
any of this stuff (keychain, ssh-agent, running it as a service) in one's own context, but I love it.

Thanks for supporting keychain in the cygwin environment.


From: Hack Kampbjorn <>
Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: keychain-2.0.3-1
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 01:07:50 +0100

Karl M wrote:
Hi All...

I believe I found a small bug in the latest keychain. For Cygwin, keychain
now does a "ps -e -u <username> -f" to look for ssh-agent processes...I
believe it should be a "ps -u <username> -f" instead.

The reason is as follows...the -e shows processes for all users. If multiple
users have ssh-agent processes hanging around, keychain can find the wrong
one and this produces some strange results. I may be the only one to see this
because ssh-agent processes don't usually survive a logoff. I launch keychain
from a service for each user (that wants the feature) so that the agent stays
around for multiple logon/off sessions...that way, they live untill the next

I have never run Cygwin as a multiuser system, but I take your word for it. My experience with ps while testing previous version of keychain was that it ignores any options it doesn't understand. I would not be surprised if it ignored the -u after an -e 8-)

The attached patch file removes the -e option and also creates a third output
file in the .keychain directory. The new file is ~/.keychain/${HOSTNAME}.cmd
so that programs launched from a windows command shell can also use keychain.

Please don't do that. If you have fixed/added two functionalities include two patches, it's so much easier to evaluate that way. I'll release an updated keychain with the ps fix soon (tomorrow?).

For the cmd part I cannot see any cmd.exe specific code, can it be renamed to .bat so the '95 family can also run it?
And how useful is it, do people actually use cmd.exe as their cygwin shell?

The second attachment is a script to launch keychain as a service for those
interested in surviving multiple logon/off sessions. Just use it to create a
service for each user that wants the feature. The service only sets up the
ssh-agent. The keys are loaded from the .profile and the passphrase(s) are
entered then.



-- Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Hack Kampbjørn

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