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how do I convince MySQL AB to get MySQL to build out of the box onCygwin?

I filed a bug against mysql asking them to get mysql working under Cygwin. Their response, as you can see below is:


Windows is natively supported platform. Why do you need to run MySQL
under Cygwin?


Could anyone please tell me some good reasons that might convince MySQL to get their product working under Cygwin?

My personal reasons are:

1 - I desire a Unix-like environment under Windows, so even though I have a Windows machine, all of my Perl development, including
editors and utilities are Cygwin-based.

2 - I develop database-driven software using Perl/DBI under Cygwin. I test my software on Postgres and SQLite under Cygwin with
no problem. Because your database does not compile there, I cannot build DBD::mysql under Cygwin and hence cannot connect to MySQL
using Cygwin. I am forced to copy my code to a remote Unix machine to do my MySQL tests, something which is not necessary with the
other open-source databases.

3 - You state that MySQL only works for Win32 native. Why then does this page exist at the MySQL website:

And why does it point to version 1.3.9 of Cygwin? There have been efforts at MySQL AB to compile MySQL under Cygwin. The only problem
is you are several major versions behind with the version of cygwin you are using.

4 - People who are serious about databases care about portability. Cygwin is growing in popularity. Postgresql already compiles there.
SQLite compiles there. Your database does not and therefore cannot be considered for Cygwin-based projects. If you wish to lose the
race of competition and have fewer platforms to which you can port, then be prepared to lose the respect and business that comes with it.

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