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[11-28 Cygwin SS]: Bash immediately bails out when logging into anaccount using bash as the login shell

Hi All,

I'm sorry I have to be the first, but the changes made between the 11-27 and the 11-28 snapshot are causing my bash to misbehave. A little background first... this is happening on my Dual Athlon-MP Win2k box (I will attach a cygcheck run under the working 11-27 snapshot). The problem seems to manifest itself whenever bash trys to run a builtin command, such as "source" or if you just run bash straight and then try to execute any command. What it does is immediately dump you back at the cmd prompt. I know this isn't a problem with ash because ". /etc/profile" followed by running some commands will work fine. As a side note, I should point out that all my services successfully started and they stayed up with the 11-28 ss (exim, ipc, initd, postgres).

Anyhow, curious to see what was going on, I ran strace:

C:\<blah>\bin>strace -ofoo bash

bash-2.04$ /usr/bin/ls


The strace showed a whole bunch of sig11's at the end of the log, but any clues were lost in all the noise in the time I took to examine it. Before anyone asks, I do not have any other cygwin1.dll's lying about. If it is something obvious, then I'll apologize in advance for being lazy. So, in addition to the cygcheck, I'll attach that strace log for reference. Unfortunately, I don't have a symbol'ed version of bash, so gdb was less then helpful. It ended up returning a lot of garbage & ????? in the backtrace and was useless in trying to debug the stack, so no clues there.

For the time being, I've reverted to the 11-27 snapshot (which works perfectly) so that I can continue some of my work on updating the timezone code and other things. Perhaps someone more savvy with signal handling might be able to see something I didn't?


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