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Re: Info and Document Path

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003, David A. Cobb wrote:

> I googled about looking for an answer, all I see is a very short thread
> between Chuck and Chris on
> <>.
> Is the policy that documentation and info is moving into /usr/share/...?
> If yes, is there any ongoing process of moving things out of /usr/doc?
> As things stand, it isn't easy to know where to look!  And my $INFOPATH
> is probably abgevukkett.
> Thanks,

Well, basically maintainers are encouraged to have the documentation in
/usr/share/doc in any newly uploaded package.  It's up to the maintainers
to decide when they are updating the packages.  Also, some packages that
probably won't have any updates to them (e.g., compatibility packages) are
likely to keep their documentation in /usr/doc (I don't know what the
policy is on those).
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