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slogin: Connection reset by peer since last cygwin update

I've been using cygwin on Windows 2000 for a while now and try to keep it up-to-date by running setup and accepting any updates.

Since the last update (November 27) which I think only updated the X server I keep getting disconnected from my linux box after logging in with 'slogin -C -l <user> <ip-address>' or 'slogin -C -X -l <user> <ip-address>'.
sometimes I get disconnected after a few seconds other times it takes a few minutes.
The message I get is 'Connection reset by peer' .

If I connect to the linux box again I can see, using 'ps -ef', that the previous connection is still alive and any programs I started are still running.

This worked fine before the update. There were no changes to the Linux box (SuSE 8.2 with updates).
I can't rule out general network problems (company network), could that be a possible cause?

Where can I look for hints as to what the problem is?


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