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Re: Running a script from Bash

You run a script by running its interpreter (at least if its outside the
wonderful world of Cygwin). What you need in your environment variables
depends on what you need to run the script and what its interpreter expects
of its environment. Read the documentation of the interpreter and the script
itself to find out what you need - there's no information anywhere in your
mail that gives me a clue about a more precise answer..


On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 11:24:28AM -0800, Ashman,Tim [PYR] wrote:
> In my first posting today, I was using an Octave script in explaining my
> problem of how to run an external script from Cygwin in general. Putting
> Octave aside for a moment, what do I need to do (PATH setting, script
> header, etc) to run any external script from a bash script? Basically, I
> would like a bash script located at C:/cygwin/bin to call a script in a
> different language that is located somewhere else on my computer. Sorry
> about the confusion, thanks again for your help...

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