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RE: Question on features built into Cygwin Vim binary (for Corinna)

I had an idle thought to try :help feature after I got my 
"final" version of Vim built, and of course the answers 
are right there.  

So, in the immortal words of Roseanne Rosannadana (alter-ego
of Gilda Radnor in Saturday Night Live circa the 1970s):  
Never mind.

Unless, of course, there is more to add...

-----Original Message-----
From: Frank P. Hart []
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2003 12:01 AM
To: Cygwin
Subject: Question on features built into Cygwin Vim binary (for Corinna)

I noticed that Cygwin-distributed Vim binary did not have support 
for Cscope built-in ('-cscope' returned from the :version command),
so I downloaded the source and after about a dozen failed attempts --
mostly due to operator error -- I finally got a build that will work.
However, I noticed that some features in the Cygwin binary are absent 
in my build, and I hope you can tell me what I may be missing and if 
it's important.

Other than the presence of Cscope support, the only other feature
differences are the following: -gettext, -iconv, -multi-byte.
I have some idea what I'm losing with -multi-byte, but what are
the other features for?  The Makefile is handy for documenting
some of the features, but not these.  BTW, the :version command 
also informs me that my compilation was missing the following 
libraries: -liconv -lintl.  

Finally, a word to all those clamoring for a gvim for Cygwin:
I applied patches through 1-154 and attempted to build for Motif (using
Lesstif) and X11 GUI.  I got an executable built, but it suffers from 
a segmentation violation as soon as it starts.  And it doesn't matter 
whether I use Xfree-86 or a commercial X-server (e.g. XWin32 from 
Starnet).  Console mode works reliably, and when built without X 
support it does start up noticeably faster.

Frank P. Hart                                   NC State University
Dept. of Electrical and 				P.O. Box 7914
Computer Engineering    			      Raleigh, NC  27695-7914

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