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RE: Installation from locally stored packages

Benjamin, are you really sure you meant what you said - about the OP already having Cygwin installed on his LINUX machine ?   
Okay, I know that it IS technically possible to run Cygwin on Linux by using Wine, but can't imagine why anyone would want to  ! 
I totally agree with your other comments though - current size without sources is about 258 Mb. Also, you are right about the directory depth, though this will depend on what file system and format the OP is able to burn the CD on his LINUX box - UTF, ISO-9660, CDFS - all relevant but depends on what burning package is being used. I'm pretty sure that Nero is NOT available to run under LINUX, and I certainly haven't had any success trying to run a Windows version via WINE.   
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> From: Benjamin Lindner []
> Sent: 26 November 2003 15:01
> To:
> Subject: Re: Installation from locally stored packages
> Yes, it works.
> I have always done it this way. The complete cygwin distribution
> without sources and only selecting [curr] downloads about 250MB
> which fits without problems onto a CD.
> You have to be careful, that you really download ALL packages
> to a seperate directory, not only those that have a more recent 
> version than those you have already installed on your linux machine.
> (as you would do it if you would do a cygwin update).
> One thing that I observed upon burning is, that the downloaded folder
> tree has more than 8 nested directories which does not comply to 
> some ISOwhatever standard, so nero complains when trying to burn.
> I proceeded anyhow and it worked.
> benjamin
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