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Re: Installation from locally stored packages

Actualy at least 1/2 of the mirror sites allow downloading via FTP. (and
some via rsync too)
if you know what you are doing and keep the directory structure its entirely
have a google on cygwin install from cd
or similar to find previous discussions.

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Subject: RE: Installation from locally stored packages

Oooops !
I think the OP needed to download the whole of Cygwin onto his LINUX machine
and then burn the CD !
If so, then the problem is that downloading off the Cygwin site is managed
by the 'setup.exe' program. It might be difficult running this under Linux,
though I suppose it could be tried with WINE or something.
I think what is needed here is something like an FTP download of the Cygwin
files - problem is that facility doesn't seem to be available on the Cygwin
site. I guess someone in the Cygwin group (one of us ?) could 'open-up' a
machine connected to the 'net with all the Cygwin files in a directory and
running an FTP server. Or even make the CD up and send it.
Any other possibilities ?

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> I think this works. I assume you already have Cygwin running
> on the desktop
> networked machine.
> 1. On the desktop, rename your directory Cygwin to something else.
> 2. Run
> 3. Choose Download (NOT repeat NOT Install). Choose to
> download to your
> Desktop or somewhere convenient.
> 4. Click the selector from Default to Install so that you get
> everything.
> As you are making a CD for personal use, you needn't worry
> about selecting
> any of the .src files.(Actually, I've found that Cygwin is
> now so huge, that
> even deleting [prev] and [test], it turns out that all of
> [curr] + relevant
> .src now no longer fits on a single CD. This is quite recent
> I think: a
> month or so ago it all did (just).)
> That's it. Don't forget to rename the directory Cygwin back
> again after the
> download is complete.
> 5. Copy all of setup.exe + setup.ini + \release\ to h:\Cyg0\
> where h: is
> your CD drive and Cyg0 is some named directory to hold
> everything. (It used
> to be the case and may still be the case that copying
> setup.exe + setup.ini
> + \release\ simply to h:\ rather than a directory under h:\
> led to a hang
> during any subsequent attempted installation. A Windows
> thing, not a Cygwin
> thing.)
> 6. Put the CD in your laptop and run h:\Cyg0\setup.exe.
> Repeat: I think this works. It's ages since I did it.
> Fergus
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