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Re: Installation from locally stored packages

I think this works. I assume you already have Cygwin running on the desktop
networked machine.

1. On the desktop, rename your directory Cygwin to something else.
2. Run
3. Choose Download (NOT repeat NOT Install). Choose to download to your
Desktop or somewhere convenient.
4. Click the selector from Default to Install so that you get everything.

As you are making a CD for personal use, you needn't worry about selecting
any of the .src files.(Actually, I've found that Cygwin is now so huge, that
even deleting [prev] and [test], it turns out that all of [curr] + relevant
.src now no longer fits on a single CD. This is quite recent I think: a
month or so ago it all did (just).)

That's it. Don't forget to rename the directory Cygwin back again after the
download is complete.

5. Copy all of setup.exe + setup.ini + \release\ to h:\Cyg0\ where h: is
your CD drive and Cyg0 is some named directory to hold everything. (It used
to be the case and may still be the case that copying setup.exe + setup.ini
+ \release\ simply to h:\ rather than a directory under h:\ led to a hang
during any subsequent attempted installation. A Windows thing, not a Cygwin

6. Put the CD in your laptop and run h:\Cyg0\setup.exe.

Repeat: I think this works. It's ages since I did it.


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