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Re: ioperm

Hi Marcel,
I tried to install ioperm with administrator permissions and I got also
"Startservice failed". I cant explain me, what is the error.
Do I need the parallelport drver parport.sys or parallel.sys from windows?
I have also a small programms in visual basic for communication with the
parallel port, they caused on VB library. I can read and write to the
port without problems and without aministrator priveliges.

Do you have another idea?



Marcel Telka wrote:

Hello Jan!

On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 02:49:57PM +0100, Jan Pietrusky wrote:

Hello Marcel,
I use WIN2000 with cygnus and will use the lpt port. When I will activate the ioperm with -i, I get "StartService failed". You know, where the problem is?

What is the result of ioperm -i? It is a copy od ioperm.sys in a windows directory? Can I do this with for myself?
It is recommended, that I have root permission for this?

`ioperm -i` installs ioperm.sys driver into service manager and starts it.
You need root (administrator) permissions on Windows to do that.


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