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Re: 1.5.5-1: cygpath bug

At 05:05 PM 11/25/2003, Masoud Mansouri-Samani you wrote:
>In a script I am using cygpath for Cygwin version (1.5.5-1). It seems to have a bug:
>  $ cygpath --path --windows "C:\foo"
>  C;C:\cygwin\home\masoud\\foo
>Which is clearly wrong. 

Actually no, it's not wrong.  You told cygpath that the parameter you 
are passing is a path list and you told it to convert it to a Windows
path.  In that case, it's going to interpret the path list as a UNIX 
path and convert "C" and "\foo" to a Windows path list format.  That
looks like what you got to me and would be exactly what I'd expect,
given the parameters you specified.

Try removing the --path flag.  I think you'll get what you want, though I
don't know why you have to ask cygpath to convert a Windows path to a
Windows path (i.e. a no-op).

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