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Re: perl v5.8.2-1 problems

Hello Patrick,

PE> since I haven't read any statement of yours regarding the problems with
PE> perl v5.8.2-1 reported at 
PE> and at 
PE> I wasn't sure whether 
PE> they had slipped your notice and in case wanted to bring them to your 
PE> attention. Do you know whether they are cygwin-specific or of general 
PE> nature?

Thanks for the renotification, I didn't saw these messages yet.

There were some changes in Perl internals for release 5.8.2, because
there were some problems with binary compatibility between 5.8.0 and
5.8.1.  The announcement stated: '5.8.2 is fully binary compatible
with 5.8.0'

Changes in detail are in the perldelta.pod file documented, i.e. these
are interesting in this case:
Core Enhancements
   Hash Randomisation

   The hash randomisation introduced with 5.8.1 has been amended. It
   transpired that although the implementation introduced in 5.8.1 was
   source compatible with 5.8.0, it was not binary compatible in
   certain cases. 5.8.2 contains an improved implementation which is
   both source and binary compatible with both 5.8.0 and 5.8.1, and
   remains robust against the form of attack which prompted the change
   for 5.8.1. 

I believe that mod_perl was updated to be compatible with this Perl
release, make sure that you have the latest mod_perl sources

The same for Exim, since the hash randomisation may break existing
code, make sure that Exim was updated to play well with perl versions
greater or equal than 5.8.1.

I don't think that perl in general is broken, at least I know that
mod_perl was one of the major test cases for the 5.8.1 release and
there were still problems fixed after the release so the 5.8.2 release
came very fast.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Gerrit P. Haase

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