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Cannot 'login' or 'ssh' after domain controller demotion

I have a problem where the 'login' command (and all other commands that
require password authentication such as ssh) no longer accept my password.
Here are the steps I took to create this problem:

1. I started with a Windows 2000 Server acting as a domain controller with
cygwin and ssh server working fine.

2. I demoted the Windows 2000 Server back to a standard server (not domain
controller) using dcpromo.

3. At this point, the ssh server refused to accept any type of

4. I rebooted and completely removed the cygwin installation directory, then
downloaded the latest version from (ver 1.5.5-1)

5. I reinstalled cygwin and the ssh server.

6. At this point, the server will not accept password authentication, and
the login command also fails:

$ login
login: administrator
Login incorrect

$ ssh localhost
Administrator@localhost's password:
Permission denied, please try again.
Administrator@localhost's password:

Things I have tried to fix the problem:
1. Executed mkpasswd -l >/etc/password
2. Reset the administrator password using Windows computer manager
3. Used "passwd" to change the administrator password within cygwin
4. Created a new user "mcarr", ran mkpasswd again, tried to log in as mcarr

At first I thought that there were old domain users laying around the system
causing cygwin to get confused about what the "administrator" username
meant. However, the /etc/password file appears to be correct and I removed
all the old profiles.

Are there any special rules regarding cygwin that need to be followed when
demoting a Windows 2000 domain controller? I know that demoting a domain
controller leaves a lot of strange security settings laying around the
system (unknown users, etc). Is there perhaps a file that cygwin is trying
to access but doesn't have access to?

	Michael Carr

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