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Re: Regtool Recursive Option?


> Is it possible to use the Cygwin regtool recursively?  I would like
> to search for a term (i.e. "My Documents") throughout the registry or
> at least within a subkey.  It looks like this can be done by doing a
> recursive grep on /proc/registry, but this generates a lot of errors
> such as "No such file or directory" and "File or path name too long".
> You get the "No such file or directory" when you try to retrieve a value
> that doesn't exist.  This is typically encountered when you use a value
> path (i.e., a terminal node in the tree).

>From the man page:

Options for 'list' Action:
    -k, --keys
           print only KEYS

This tells regtool to give you only the list of keys in the node.
For example:

$ # Here's a value
$ regtool get '\user\software\Microsoft\Clock\iFormat'
$ # Getting a value is bad...
$ regtool list '\user\software\Microsoft\Clock\iFormat'
Error (2): The system cannot find the file specified.
$ # But a regular list command will return it...
$ regtool list '\user\software\Microsoft\Clock'
$ # So tell regtool to list only other keys
maslma1@LISTER ~/Proj/RiskMgt/ACH
$ regtool -k list '\user\software\Microsoft\Clock'


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