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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: groff-1.18.1-1


The suggestion fixed this for me in my terminal emulation sessions after I
had updated my Cygwin to include this version of groff. However, I have a
preferences for viewing man pages in XEmacs for cygwin (21.4p13) and now the
output is all garbled.

Not understanding the problem well enough, it would be appreciated if, as
well as a fix, someone could explain if this is an introduced bug, or a
change in behavior, and if the latter, the rationale behind it.

Brief system data (cygcheck output seems like an overkill in this
shaddy@shaddy ~
$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-5.0 shaddy 1.5.5(0.94/3/2) 2003-09-20 16:31 i686 unknown unknown

Thanks in advance,

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Christopher Faylor" <cgf at redhat dot com>
To: <cygwin at cygwin dot com>
Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 1:00 AM
Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: groff-1.18.1-1

> On Mon, Dec 16, 2002 at 12:38:14PM +0300, Roman Belenov wrote:
> >Christopher Faylor <> writes:
> >
> >> I've made a new version of groff available for download.  This is a
> >> refresh from the GNU web site, so it has whatever fixes are in this
> >> version.
> >
> >Just installed it; on my system it generates Escape codes in formatted
> >pages and man displays them literally (less'ing produced pages does
> >the same). Reverting to 1.17.2-1 fixes the problem (it uses backspaces
> >for formatting to ascii).
> export MANPAGER='less -R'
> cgf
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