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Ctrl-U delay

This is an intermittently annoying problem which I've had for several months now.

I will be typing in my bash window, and I screw up the line, so I hit Ctrl-U to
erase the whole thing and start again.  But after the line is erased, the program
seems to "go away" for up to several minutes.  If I type, characters will not
appear until it comes back, when they will all appear in proper order.  I haven't
tried finishing a command to see if it's input or output that's being delayed.
The disk access light on my computer is constantly flashing throughout the

The problem is, as I've said, intermittent, and it doesn't tend to last long
enough for me to do any useful debugging.  I seem to recall checking the
Windows task manager(I'm on 98SE), and not finding anything useful, but
usually I just pick up my book and wait for computer to come back from
never-never land.

Does anyone have any WAGs or directions for me to look to try to figure this out?

(Oh, by the way, when I ran cygcheck, it seemed to hang for a long time without
producing any more output, so I Ctrl-C'ed it.  Isn't it supposed to terminate?)

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