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Re: Any current plans for an SDL package?

Frédéric L. W. Meunier wrote:

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 wrote:

The only thing I found missing really are the libraries' header files.

One such library is libjpeg, which has no development package, and i
believe there was some compression lib also.

The headers are in jpeg-6b-11.tar.bz2. As I don't see libjpeg
or any compression library linked in my libSDL and libSDL_mixer
libraries on Linux (I never tried on Windows), I'm assuming all
missing headers are to compile SDL-image.

It'd be nice if you could post the errors or any links to

Remember that I am talking about SDL, SDL-mixer, and
SDL-image, as most programs that use one use all 3 (but it
would not be difficult to package them as 3 seperate

As i now have the headers i cannot post the errors.

At this point i have decided that I should try to make sdl linked with cygwin1.dll, this should be possible without too much work, but using mingw sounds like it is at least slightly more common.

If i can make the lib like that i will have to see if i can find anybody who can maintain the packages.

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