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RE: nfs-server 2.2.47-2

Igor Pechtchanski wrote
to: Michael Lemke 

>On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Michael Lemke wrote:
>> >> >Now I've tried to run the thing on W98 without any success.  I just
>> >> >want it to play with it, so I am not concerned with any security or
>> >> stuff.
>> >> >Just a mount from a VMS box should work.  But doesn't.  I start all
>> >> >manually.  First portmapper, then mountd, then nfsd.  A netstat -a
>> >> doesn't
>> >> >show any listeners on nfsd, only portmap.  telnet localhost nfsd gives
>> >> >connection refused.  What am I doing wrong?  Just W98?  Or would fixing
>> >> >something in /etc/services help?  nfs-server-config didn't work at all
>> >> >since cygrunsrv says it cannot run in DOS mode.  I am doing this from
>> >> >a rxvt window with tcsh.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Isn't this the answer to your questions?
>> >>
>> >> <>>
>> >
>> > Aside from the FAT32 issue, nfs-server is untested on Win9x.
>> > If you run into problems on that platform, I'd be happy to
>> > see diagnostics, and even happier to see a patch.
>> Thanks.  The symptoms are pretty much as I outlined above.  But
>> before to go any further, what's supposed to be in /etc/services?
>> Does it even read /etc/services or does it take it from the
>> Windows system directory?
>> What should I see with netstat -a?
>> Michael
>FYI, /etc/services on Cygwin should be a symlink to the Windows version of
>that file (ditto for /etc/hosts and /etc/protocols).

Actually, they are.  I hadn't noticed.

>Also, Cygwin doesn't have a netstat, it's a Windows implementation, so
>it'll perforce be different from the Linux one.

Sure.  But it shows me the listeners.

After doing manually in an rxvt/tcsh

$ portmap
$ rpc.mountd
$ rpc.nfsd

I see these processes

 micha> ps
  71678853       1 71678853 4223288443  con  500 20:48:55 /usr/bin/RXVT
  71596297 71678853 71596297 4222986767    0  500 20:49:02 /usr/bin/TCSH
  72074065       1 72074065 4222893231    ?  500 20:53:06 /USR/SBIN/PORTMAP
  72046605       1 72046605 4222920691    ?  500 20:53:38 /USR/SBIN/RPC.MOUNTD
  72151529       1 72030025 4222815767    0  500 20:54:42 /USR/SBIN/RPC.NFSD
  72134153 71596297 72134153 4222844427    0  500 20:54:46 /usr/bin/PS

and netstat -a shows

 micha> netstat -a

Active Connections

  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
  TCP    micha:1027             MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:1620             MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:portmap          MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:portmap          MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:123              MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:1027    ESTABLISHED
  TCP    micha:137              MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:138              MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:nbsession        MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:2313             MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:8080             MICHA:0                LISTENING
  TCP    micha:1715             MICHA:0                LISTENING
  UDP    micha:1620             *:*                    
  UDP    micha:portmap          *:*                    
  UDP    micha:ntp              *:*                    
  UDP    micha:nbname           *:*                    
  UDP    micha:nbdatagram       *:*                    

Trying to mount from a Linux box gives

stein:~ # mount -v -t nfs xx.xx.xx.xx:/ /root/micha
mount: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused

/etc/exports has a line

/       *.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxx(rw) trusty(rw,no_root_squash)

So, what do I need to test next?  I'd expect some nfs listener process
to show in netstat. 


Michael Lemke
Sternwarte Bamberg, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

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