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RE: nfs-server 2.2.47-2

>Now I've tried to run the thing on W98 without any success. I just
>want it to play with it, so I am not concerned with any security or stuff.
>Just a mount from a VMS box should work. But doesn't. I start all
>manually. First portmapper, then mountd, then nfsd. A netstat -a doesn't
>show any listeners on nfsd, only portmap. telnet localhost nfsd gives
>connection refused. What am I doing wrong? Just W98? Or would fixing
>something in /etc/services help? nfs-server-config didn't work at all
>since cygrunsrv says it cannot run in DOS mode. I am doing this from
>a rxvt window with tcsh.

Isn't this the answer to your questions?


Aside from the FAT32 issue, nfs-server is untested on Win9x. If you run into problems on that platform, I'd be happy to see diagnostics, and even happier to see a patch.

Thanks. The symptoms are pretty much as I outlined above. But before to go any further, what's supposed to be in /etc/services? Does it even read /etc/services or does it take it from the Windows system directory?

What should I see with netstat -a?


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