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Re: ghostscript on Windows and cygwin path style

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Nev Bis wrote:

> I have cygwin version 1.32 running on Windows XP Pro.
FYI, there is no such version.  Your cygcheck.out shows version 1.3.22.
The latest is 1.5.5.  I'd recommend upgrading.

> I have ghostscript 8.11 installed in
> C:\gs\gs8.11\bin. Under this same directory, I have a
> file called "gs", containing this line:
> gswin32c $*
> I also have XFree86 installed and xfig 3.2.4
> Xfig has a problem invoking gs to convert a eps file
> into pcx. The problem
> appears to be that gs does not recognize the path
> style. In fact when I
> invoke gs from the bash shell with a file under the
> working directory, it
> works fine. But when I call it this way
> gs /c/directory/
> I get this error from ghostscript
> /undefinedfilename in ( /c/directory/
> What should I do?
> Thanks,
> Nevine

Try changing your "gs" file to

for i in "$@"; do
  PARAMS="$PARAMS '`cygpath -w -- "$i"`'"
eval "set -- $PARAMS"
gswin32c "$@"

and see if it helps.
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