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Re: latex and lyx

On Thu, Nov 20, 2003, koorapati, koundinya wrote:

> The thing is that MikTex should be used instead of the the default
> tetex/latex that gets installed with cygwin. There are instructions to
> uninstall tetex. Am I right in assuming so ?

Some of the installation instructions for the cygwin port of LyX were written
a long time ago and are outdated.  Several users on the LyX mailing lists
(including me) have reported no problems using cygwin's tetex along with the
Hentschel package for LyX.  (Basically, just install the LyX package into
your cygwin tree, and use the cygwin versions of tetex, python, perl, sh,
imagemagick and ghostscript to complete the package.)

The cygwin package is at:


Many windows users prefer the "native" package because it has a nicer looking
GUI, with better on-screen fonts  (which can be important for a interface that
you might be staring out for many hours at a time):

> Native:

..hope this helps...dac

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