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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated Cygwin Package: postgresql-7.4-1

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Tishler <> writes:

    Jason> New News:
    Jason> === ====
    Jason> I have updated the version of PostgreSQL to 7.4-1.  The tarballs should
    Jason> be available on a Cygwin mirror near you shortly.

Is it by intention that the python dll's are missing relative to the latest version ?

By the way is it possible to exclude the catX (X=1,...,9,m,n...) directories from
the package. They are empty anyway.
According to the man man-page it is possible to specify other mappings from the
man directories to the cat directories.
For example I made the following mappings in /etc/man.config:

MANPATH /usr/man                  /var/cache/man
MANPATH /usr/share/man            /var/cache/man
MANPATH /usr/ssl/man              /var/cache/man
MANPATH /usr/X11R6/man            /var/cache/man/X11R6
MANPATH /usr/local/man            /var/cache/man/local
MANPATH /usr/local/share/man      /var/cache/man/local

This way I don't clutter my /usr tree. One problem still persists. I hope the
maintainer of man takes care not to overwrite the man.config each time a new
man package gets installed :-(

    Jason> Jason


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