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Re:Cygwin binary works but not from a cygwin shell

> Now I've built an nedit binary with 1.5.5 and it works fine, only I
> can't start it from the bash or another cygwin shell. I get a
> segfault and a signal 11. However, when I export HOME to a
> directory *outside* the cygwin tree (which I usually do - I have a
> sh script starting up nedit and setting some environment variables
> *including HOME* and handling Windows path names), then it runs.
> Interestingly previously built binaries (with 1.3.22) run also
> under 1.5.5 and HOME set to my home directory inside Cygwin.

The problem has something to do with installing a 1.5 version
over a 1.3 version, I guess.

I've now reinstalled Cygwin 1.5.5 completely, where by the
first invocation of bash runs some scripts. With this 
installation it works with the HOME variable set to
/home/<username>, i.e. inside the cygwin tree.


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