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RE: Maildir Support broken with Mutt 1.4.1?

> After upgrading to Mutt 1.4.1 I was no longer able to access my emails
> properly.
> As soon as a new mail arrived in the main folder (inbox), I could not even
> close mutt properly. It always gives me the error "rename file or folder
> does not exist (error=2)" in the status bar.
> It seems to me that Mutt tries to move the message from the "new" to the
> "cur" subfolder or so and fails with this operation.
> Downgrading to Mutt 1.4 solved the problem for me.
> I use Mutt together with procmail in Maildir mode. A search for previous
> postings showed, that there were already similar problems with an older
> version. The problem was that the filenames of the emails may contain
> characters like ":" that are allowed on POSIX systems, but not on Windows.
> Is it possible that a cygwin specific patch has not been applied to the
> most recent 1.4.1 version?

Maildirs have never actually worked properly because they use filenames which
are not POSIX compatible, and were apparently specifically designed to cause
grief for Windows and Mac systems.  Compounding this problem, I erroneously
suggested people use Maildirs in older versions, before I knew the tragedy of
Maildirs.  Probably what's happened is that mutt's error checking has been
improved, so you're now getting an error message when it would just silently
fail before.

So, to sum up:

1.  Don't use Maildir, use mbox.
2.  If you do use Maildir, put your mailbox on a Cygwin "Managed mount".  This
may or may not work, I don't know.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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