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Re: Crontab does not run

At 05:19 PM 11/19/2003, Tim Ashman you wrote:
>I definitely installed Cygwin on my Windows 2k machine as "All Users". The crontab I am creating is under my individual user name. When I remove my crontab file and type the command "./crontab -l" it lists my username in the "no cronfile" response, which by the way is on the network domain, not the domain of my machine. I don't think this is a problem as I've checked out the /etc/passwd file, and it includes my username as it does the computer administrator.
>I am running crontab in the bash shell, but the man pages mention the environmental variable SHELL=/bin/sh. I tried including this in my crontab as well as running crontab in sh, which doesn't work at all.
>Any suggestions? Thanks again!

No, not beyond my original suggestion (my WAG aside) of visiting
<> and providing the information it 

>At 01:47 PM 11/19/2003, Tim Ashman you wrote:
>>I am having trouble with the Cron utility. I have written a fairly simple bash script that runs successfully on its own but does not work with crontab. I am working on a Windows 2K machine. I tried running a simlilar crontab on a linux machine and it worked fine. Two crontabs I have tried out:
>>39 10 * * * ./test.txt
>>39 10 * * * /usr/bin/test.txt
>>No error messages are generated. Nothing at all happens when the crontab run time occurs. I've tried different crontab settings and have searched for a similar problem on the mailing list, but have had no luck.
>Really.  I thought the email archives were literally full of references to
>threads on cron.
>First, I'm going to direct you to <>.
>Providing good, accurate information about the problem, your system's
>configuration, and the process you followed for setting up the service
>(applicable in the case of cron) is always good form.  But with the
>information you've provided, I'll make the WAG that you installed Cygwin
>as "Just for Me", which doesn't work if you want to run services.  Either
>reinstall or look at "man mount" to figure out how to change your mount
>points from 'user' to 'system'.
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