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Re: Crontab does not run

I definitely installed Cygwin on my Windows 2k machine as "All Users". The crontab I am creating is under my individual user name. When I remove my crontab file and type the command "./crontab -l" it lists my username in the "no cronfile" response, which by the way is on the network domain, not the domain of my machine. I don't think this is a problem as I've checked out the /etc/passwd file, and it includes my username as it does the computer administrator.

I am running crontab in the bash shell, but the man pages mention the environmental variable SHELL=/bin/sh. I tried including this in my crontab as well as running crontab in sh, which doesn't work at all.

Any suggestions? Thanks again!


At 01:47 PM 11/19/2003, Tim Ashman you wrote:
I am having trouble with the Cron utility. I have written a fairly simple bash script that runs successfully on its own but does not work with crontab. I am working on a Windows 2K machine. I tried running a simlilar crontab on a linux machine and it worked fine. Two crontabs I have tried out:

39 10 * * * ./test.txt
39 10 * * * /usr/bin/test.txt

No error messages are generated. Nothing at all happens when the crontab run time occurs. I've tried different crontab settings and have searched for a similar problem on the mailing list, but have had no luck.

Really. I thought the email archives were literally full of references to threads on cron.

First, I'm going to direct you to <>.
Providing good, accurate information about the problem, your system's
configuration, and the process you followed for setting up the service
(applicable in the case of cron) is always good form.  But with the
information you've provided, I'll make the WAG that you installed Cygwin
as "Just for Me", which doesn't work if you want to run services.  Either
reinstall or look at "man mount" to figure out how to change your mount
points from 'user' to 'system'.

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