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RE: FW: OpenSSH Problem


I decided to remove the .ssh directory and then do a ssh-user-config to
set up the directory again. I changed the .ssh directory to 700 and the
contents to 600. Now I get:

$ ssh localhost
Last login: Wed Nov 19 17:13:33 2003 from
C:\cygwin\usr\sbin\sshd.exe: *** CreateFileMapping, Win32 error 0.
Connection to localhost closed.

Any ideas ?



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Subject: Re: FW: OpenSSH Problem

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>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Jones <> writes:

    Martin> Every time I ssh, I am prompted for the password even when
    Martin> I'm ssh'ing to localhost !

When this happened to me, it was because I'd gotten the wrong
permissions on ~/.ssh and some of the files in it.  ~/.ssh should be
mode 700; the files in it should be 600.  (Actually there are a few
files in there that can be 644, but it doesn't hurt to make them all
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