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Problem with Cygwin and GNU Octave operating simultaneously

I am experiencing trouble having both Cgywin and Gnu Octave 2.1.36 installed on my Windows 2000 machine.

Gnu Octave 2.1.36 is a package downloaded from that incorporates Octave, Gnuplot, and Cygwin, to the best of my knowledge. I originally had it installed alone. Yesterday, I installed Cygwin in order to run some bash scripts and crontab tasks. Following this, Octave would not operate, so I re-installed Octave. Now, when working in Cygwin, I am having troubles. First of all the root has changed to the Gnuplot root. The two also seem to be interfering with each other. This error output has appeared: You have multiple copies of cygwin1.dll on your system.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Can I continue working with both programs installed? How can I assure they won't interfere, and can I have a separate root for each program?

Thank you for your help.

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