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Re: nfs-server 2.2.47-2

Robb, Sam wrote:

it needs to be made dependable on sunrpc package, which provides portmap.

  Please use the Cygwin mailing list for questions/comments -
others may have problems similar to yours.

OK, I'm cc'ing to it, but I am not subscribed.

  That said: the entry for nfs-server in setup.ini already
indicates an install-time dependency on sunrpc.  If this is
being missed somehow, it may indicate a problem with setup.exe
(or the format of the nfs-server setup.hint file).

I ran setup.exe, selected nfs-server and a few other unrelated packages (links, squid), but it didn't select and install sunrpc. So yes, it may be a problem with setup.exe.

  Did you have trouble downloading/installing nfs-server, or
was the problem with getting it set up after download and
install?  The nfs-server-config  script should install portmap,
mountd, and nfsd as Windows services, with the appropriate
startup dependencies.

After selecting sunrpc manually and installing it, nfs-server-config installed all 3 services succesfully, but I cannot mount from neither Sun nor HP box, both give me for the first time:

# mount -F nfs /c
nfs mount: mount: /c: No such file or directory


# mount -F nfs /c
nfs mount: mount: /c: Stale NFS file handle

Latest cygwin, w2k, FAT, /etc/exports:

/tmp (ro,all_squash)


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