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Diff for generic readme and generic-build script


Based on the 1.8 version of the generic build script I would like to submit
this patch, which would:

1/ the option "all" does not call "list". The fix in the patch does.
2/ The patches to both file let the PKG, VER, and REL variables in the
README be automatically be filled in by the script -
   then maintainers won't have to manually do this.
3/ This patch fulfills the wish to have the file names be automatically be
placed in the README prior to binary/src build
   releases. The 1.8 version heads in that direction, but the functionality
isn't there.
4/ I have defined a NEWVER variable to handle the <newer REL> part of the
original README
5/ Defined a new export variable: 'ThePackageReadMeFile' which defines the
Package README file name (saves defining it twice) - both 'list' and
   use it
6/ I haven't renamed the routine "list", which it should be since it is a
"package" readme editor
7/ Note: the -i option to sed (quoting the man page for sed):

   -i[suffix], --in-place[=suffix]
       edit files in place (makes backup if extension supplied)

   Extended sed command:

   `e [COMMAND]'
     This command allows one to pipe input from a shell command into
     pattern space.  Without parameters, the `e' command executes the
     command that is found in pattern space and replaces the pattern
     space with the output; a trailing new-line is suppressed.

     If a parameter is specified, instead, the `e' command interprets
     it as a command and sends it to the output stream (like `r' does).
     The command can run across multiple lines, all but the last
     ending with a back-slash.

     In both cases, the results are undefined if the command to be
     executed contains a NUL character.

   These together constitute the operation of the modifications.
Alan Miles
ICQ#: 171006836
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