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Re: Problem installing sshd

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 11:37:36AM -0500, Larry Hall wrote:
>At 11:29 AM 11/17/2003, you wrote:
>>Dear group,
>>I try to install openssh. Therefore I selected:
>>- Admin - cygrunsrv
>>- Net - mod_ssl, openssh, openssl, openssl096
>>First problem:
>>obviously there is a dependency to Apache webserver.
>>Although it got selected implicitely when selecting mod_ssl it didn't get
>>installed (i.e. when doing a "cygcheck -c -v" I got tons of missing files).
>>After Reinstalling them this was fixed.
>>However, second problem:
>>I still get the warning:
>>      Missing file: /usr/lib/apache/new/libssl.dll from package mod_ssl
>>      mod_ssl              2.8.8-1.3.24-1     Incomplete
>>which I am not able to fix. When trying to start sshd I get the error
>>      Application popup: sshd.exe - Entry Point Not Found : The procedure
>>entry point __getreent could not be located in the dynamic link library
>>and I assume that the missing library could be the cause.
>>Any help or pointer to documentation is highly appreciated.
>Didn't setup complain at the end that it couldn't install everything you 
>asked without a reboot?  If so, did you reboot?  This looks like the problem
>to me.

And/or there's more than one version of cygwin1.dll on the system.

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