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Building bison?

	This may well verge on FAQ-like issues, but a quick search didn't find it.

I've been investigating a possible bug in bison, and talking with the folk on the bison-bug mail-list.

Fairly reasonably, their first request was that I build their latest version and see if the bug still occurs. An they gave me a version numbered 1.875c (the current cygwin version is 1.975b, so they are pretty similar).

1.875c behaves nicely to a ./configure and make but it then crashes immediately when I give it my input script.

I was wondering whether I should have expected that, or whether packages generally get patched when converted to cygwin? I ask because I seem re recall some posts on this list a few months ago, which were about how much <something> needed patching, every time new sources where brought over from GNU?

So, are any special actions required when getting source from other places than via the cygwin setup program?

	Ian B
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