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Re: For masochists: the leap o faith

On Sat, 15 Nov 2003, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Btw, I've moved this discussion here from cygwin-patches because we are
> talking about a change which could impact a number of people.  Robert is
> submitting patches which increase the maximum path length for NT-class
> systems.
> My concern is that PATH_MAX will be increased for this change.  It will
> no longer reflect the win32 api MAX_PATH value and I was wondering if
> that would cause problems for existing applications.
Would this affect gcc -mno-cygwin?  That would seem bad.

> I thought the cygwin mailing list would be a wider audience for this
> type of thing than cygwin-patches, especially since no one is offering
> opinions in cygwin-patches.
Well, since your soliciting opinions...

I don't have much of one other than I'd really prefer to keep
PATH_MAX/MAX_PATH and define them to the largest allowable path so they
can still be used for sizing arrays.  I don't really care if that lenght
is not always supported.

I would assume that any application that goes to the trouble of doing
something other than bailing with an error in that case should actually
use pathconf.

Brian Ford
Senior Realtime Software Engineer
VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
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