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Re: Learning zsh

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 04:18:41PM -0800, Peter A. Castro wrote:
>I was going to simply let this thread die, until you started this bit
>about supermarkets, which conveys, to me, that in general people aren't
>welcome to ask non-topic questions


>on this list.

Lets recap:
1) X posts a message about a non-cygwin topic

2) I respond with a pointer to where more information can be had.

3) You respond with advice.

4) X responds to you, and tangentially seems to imply (referring to me)
that since there are a lot of newbies here, it should be ok to ask any
sort of question.

5) I respond with an analogy that boils down to "Just because you
bought the food here, it doesn't mean that it is the best place to
eat it."

6) You call the analogy inaccurate.

7) I respond to you, extending my analogy (it's interesting how
analogies always get people hot and bothered) to try to show why
it is important to keep a busy mailing list on topic.

8) And now here we are with you assuming that I am mean because I had
the temerity to 1) point someone to the place where they can get the
most help, 2) tell someone that this was not the best place to get
non-cygwin questions answered, and 3) try to show (very clumsily) why
keeping things on-topic in a busy mailing list is important.

I think that you have missed the point, or at least my intent, but this
has really gone on too long.  That's it for me.


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