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Re: Tiff error : unknown field with tag 317

zze-BDE balg011 VAUCHER Laurent DvSI/SIReS/GRE wrote:

TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, /usr/X11R6/GNUstep/Apps/
tiff/expert.tiff: unknown field with tag 317 (0x13d) encountered.

According to the Tiff specs, tag 317 is for Predictor, and that
seems to be used mainly by LZW compression. Might it be a problem in the GIF library ?

TIFF can be compiled with, or without, LZW support. Even though the US Patent on LZW compression expired on Sept 20 2003, the patent is still valid in several other countries. Therefore, the cygwin version of TIFF as distributed does not support LZW, in order to avoid patent violations in those countries.

However, the TIFF -src package provides the patch and instructions for how to compile the code WITH LZW support, for your own personal use if you live in a country where the patent has expired or is not valid, or if you have purchased a license from Unisys Corp.


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