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Re: Learning zsh

>While somethings are distinctly different between bash and zsh, and lot
>of bash scripts will run under zsh.  But, why not use both?  I am an
>advocate for zsh, being the Cygwin maintainer and all, but I've always
>felt that you should use the right tool for the right job.  Choice of
>shell is rather a personal thing.  Choose the shell which is right for
>you and your usage.
>Regarding the learning curve.  You can take most of your bash (or csh or
>ksh) knowledge and apply it to zsh.  As I said, there are differences and
>really the man/info pages are the best place to discover that.  The
>Cygwin package comes with some sample source/profile files
>(/usr/share/doc/zsh-4.1.1/StartupFiles/) which you can start with.  And,
>I am happy to answer any questions you may have concering zsh.

Thanx, and of I forgot that in any case with the bang header line I
can really specify any shell, I like. ie I can run my bash scripts.

What really affected me was invoking zsh and then not having my
environment aliases etc.

I've come across zsh before, it seems to more logical & less arcane
than other shells.

A previous poster, indicated that this group is probably not the best
place for such discussions, which is of course correct, but that said
there must be a lot of Unix Newbies here. (I'm a Unix oldbie, but that
means I know old Unix, rather than all this new stuff)


vim -c ":%s/^/WhfgTNabgureRIvzSUnpxre/|:%s/[R-T]/ /Ig|:normal ggVGg?"  Best of Vim Tips

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