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Tiff error : unknown field with tag 317

  Well. I reinstalled completely cygwin packages from scratch
to be sure and it seems quite easy to reproduce. The current
tiff libraries don't seem able to fully understand tiff images
supplied by the WindowMaker package. It is particularly visible
in the window maker configuration application (/usr/X11R6/GNUStep/
Apps/, since almost all icons are broken or

Similarly, the following command

> tiffinfo /usr/X11R6/GNUStep/Apps/


TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, /usr/X11R6/GNUstep/Apps/
tiff/expert.tiff: unknown field with tag 317 (0x13d) encountered.

  According to the Tiff specs, tag 317 is for Predictor, and that
seems to be used mainly by LZW compression. Might it be a 
problem in the GIF library ?

  I did not have this error until I fully reinstalled Cygwin
because I must have compiled gif/tiff/jpeg library by myself or
something like this.

Laurent Vaucher.

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