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Re: Installer question

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Anon Mouse wrote:

> Hello,
>   Couple of comments on the installer:
>   - Does it have to be non-resizable?  It's REALLY a pain to keep
> scrolling left-right-left-right in a 3-inch window

Yes, it does.  The version of the installer currently distributed off the
main Cygwin web site (v2.416) is non-resizeable and will forever stay that
way[*].  There are a bunch of long discussions on both the main Cygwin
list and the cygwin-apps list as to why it has to be so.

>   - Why isn't there an option to "get it all?"  It's REALLY a pain to
> have to select each and every package .. compounded by the fact that you
> can't read the entire package name without scrolling
> left-right-left-right all day

There is one.  In the "Categories" view, click on "Default" next to the
"All" category and wait a bit for it to change to "Install".  That'll grab
everything, including the kitchen sink.

>    Does the installer really have to be this difficult?

Yes.  And to anticipate your next question: <>.
[*] Newer versions, however, do have that capability -- try a setup
snapshot from <> ;-)
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